Do You Bite Your Tongue? (Lyrics)

Do you bite your tongue, when the evil thoughts come?Do you bite your tongue, when you cannot run away? Have you found your freedom? I hope you keep it sacred.If I could see your world I hope to find your mirror smiling. Do you bite your tongue, then put your hands together?I hope you trust yourself and take a leap […]

My City (Don’t Let Me Down) (Lyrics)

Staring out of the window of a train.Watching it rain across the moon.I wonder if she misses me too.I’m almost home, I guess I’ll find out soon. Her street lights flicker hello.I smile as she welcomes me home.All that I’ve done has been forgiven,and I’m so happy, that I’m finally back in.. My city (nearer my God to thee),Don’t let […]

Time Is On Our Side (Lyrics)

Every body, every where, any time; play fair.Come gather, gather round, share; what you found.Listen, learn, teach, seek, take care, we might be here for a while.Half full cup, see where you end up; back up. Big picture, big smile, big plan, so simple; we’re simpleNo time, show time, game time, take time; as you need it.Who sees it? We […]

Take Nick To The River (Lyrics)

Nick cut his hair and then his girlfriend left him, (take him down)He quit his job and he started drinking, (take him down)It’s times like these good men find faith, (take him down)But Nick went the other way, I heard he’s doing bad..Yeah, Nick went the other way, I heard he’s doing bad. There must be something in the water,There […]

The Serpent & The Dove (Lyrics)

I’m the fist fight that you won,But I’m the battle that you lost.Forbidden romance that you lust for.I’m all your love and all your fear.The Serpent & The Dove. I’m the power that you wished for,But I’m the power you were granted,The foolish lies you live your life by,Yeah I’m the truth that you will find,If you look. Take me.Break […]

Then We Started Walking (Lyrics)

Caught my reflection..The tattoo that I got the day she left me was in focus,and I counted up the time I’ve been alone, and then I started walking. With no direction..I walked around the city and I smiled but noone smiled back,and by now it had been at least three hours, since I started walking. Sat on a hot bench..An […]