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Worst Rapper Ever cover

Worst Rapper Ever

Forget Ego, Embrace WitIn a music scene saturated with self-importance and shallow themes, "Worst Rapper Ever" flips the script. This album isn't afraid to be playful, packing a punch with...

Walk to Neptune album cover by kevinjdrieberg

Walk to Neptune

Rap Escapes EarthPrepare for liftoff with "Walk to Neptune" - a genre-bending album that fuses rap with the vast expanse of space. This isn't your average rap record - it's...

The Humps: Earthbound promo image

The Humps: Earthbound

Galactic BuddiesJoin the fun with "The Humps: Earthbound" - an animated musical series bursting with laughter, catchy tunes, and wonder!This heartwarming adventure follows a group of best friends who zoom...

Fly Butterfly Boy album cover

Fly Butterfly Boy

Rap Gets MetamorphosisGet ready for a genre-bending adventure with "Fly Butterfly Boy" - an album that fuses rap music with the fascinating world of insects. This isn't your average rap...

Snakes & Ladders Album Cover

Snakes & Ladders

Roll the Dice, Tune InGet ready to roll the dice on a revolutionary sonic experience with "Snakes & Ladders." This isn't your ordinary album – it's a captivating concept album...