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Worst Rapper Ever cover

Worst Rapper Ever

In an ever-evolving musical landscape of egocentric lyrics and half-baked concepts; the album ‘Worst Rapper Ever‘ stands out from the...

Walk to Neptune album cover by kevinjdrieberg

Walk to Neptune

Rap goes.. into space?!! Packed with intergalactic beats and lyrics that explore an epic journey out of Earth's atmosphere, this...

The Humps: Earthbound promo image

The Humps: Earthbound

Welcome to the fantastic world of animated musicals, where the written word and musical tunes come together to make something...

Fly Butterfly Boy album cover

Fly Butterfly Boy

Are you ready to experience the ultimate fusion of rap music and insects? Clever beats and fluttery metaphors make 'Fly...

Snakes & Ladders Album Cover

Snakes & Ladders

If you've ever enjoyed the whimsical and mesmerizing vibes of classic board games, this is the album for you! Enjoy...